Kingston Webworks Half-Day Workshop: Facebook Frustrations!

Learn how to Set-Up, Create Posts, Ads and Analyse your Facebook Page. OBJECTIVE: Learn how to brand and create an effective Facebook page that attracts and engages your target audience. GOAL: Creative posts and advertisements that are visually attractive and garner the results you want while understanding the analytics behind it all and what they mean. HOSTS: Vanessa, with over 20-years experience in digital marketing, and [...]

Kingston Webworks Fun Night: Step-Up Your Insta Game!

Join us for a hands-on and fun evening learning how to use various apps to take your photos to the next level. OBJECTIVE: Learn how to take photos of your products and services in action that will bring your brand persona to life! No more putting off for tomorrow what can be done today GOAL: Making business Fun instead of Frustrating HOSTS: Vanessa, with over 20-years [...]

How to Market for 2019

We’ll take a closer look at how you can consistently stay ahead of the curve with your marketing and stop wasting time on things that do not help grow your business. In this session, we will also explore the success and failures of the past year with the goal of creating a winning plan of attack for you and your team.

Email Marketing: How to Write, Design & Deliver Great Emails + Build a Growing Email List

Guest speaker Brandon Meawasige, from FrontRunner Professional, will walk you through how he uses strategic email marketing to reach thousands of local businesses around North America every month. You will not only learn how to create great subject lines and write great copy, you will also learn how to incorporate personalization and automation into your email campaigns.

[Lessons from Experience: How Our Team Grew Our Local Small Business into a Large, International Company

All businesses start somewhere. Whether it is a well-developed plan or one lightbulb moment, all it takes is the willingness to get started and lots of hard work. In this course, we will share stories, experiences and lessons from our own growth to help your business get on the path to success.